Fairfield CT Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP)

Hardening Project Sea Level Rise

Seaside Towns across New England have begun to harden themselves against future sea level rise. In many cases the historical sprawl of development has made it difficult to relocate important utilities such as water and wastewater treatment plants. Many municipalities are protecting their investments in utilities to insure they will function for years to come.

The Fairfield WWTP Hardening Project installed 2,400 linear feet of cantilevered steel sheet pile walls to encompass their Department of Public Works campus. The infiltrated water will be collected and dewatered using pump stations.  Both pump stations require high volume dewatering systems to allow for construction.

Recon Outfitters designed a treatment system to fit within the tight confines of an active WWTP, capable of treating up to 700 gallons per minute (gpm), fed by two dewatering wells positioned adjacent to the work area for the installation of the pump station.  The system consisted of three 21,000-gallon RECON frac tanks interconnected, a 4-inch diesel pump, a duplex multi bag filter, 6 skid-utilizing ten micron bag filters, and 6 pressurized vessels containing 5,000 pounds of granular activated carbon media each set up two in a series,  followed by a flow meter totalizer prior to discharge.

RECON helps contractors operate, optimize, and maintain the system to allow the contractor to focus on the construction portion of their work, while RECON keeps the water flowing.

Drilling Solids Management: GeoThermal Well Installation

Geothermal tanks for well installation

Geothermal heating and cooling systems are an efficient way to heat and or cool buildings. Drillers often produce large volumes of water with excessive amounts of Total Suspended Solids (TSS) that must be reduced prior to discharge. RECON Outfitters has managed many thousands of gallons of water using our 18,000 gallon weir tanks, 21,000 gallon frac tanks and a custom blend of chemistry specifically designed for solids removal. Due to variances from site to site, our engineers perform pilot tests on site to insure the chemistry will work with the specific sediment and water found on site.

See the RECON Ready Frac & Weir tanks

Vertical Tanks: The Best Solution for Tight Urban Construction Sites

Vertical Tank

Supporting large construction projects in congested urban settings is a challenge. Often times general contractors have a difficult time fitting all related support elements in a small “postage-stamp” sized project locations. RECON Outfitters supports many complex projects with our 14,700 gallon capacity Vertical Tanks.

By orienting storage tanks vertically vs traditional horizontal frac tanks, a larger volume can be stored per square foot.

RECON Vertical tanks come ready to work! The integral skid surrounding the tanks simplifies set up. Most applications can be installed on compacted ground and set up with a Lull. Internal coating and mixing tree allows for active mixing and easy cleaning. Level gauges allow volume to be checked from the ground. All safety ladders and fall protection are standard.

Download the Vertical Tank Data Sheet for more information.